SEEDS Change Log through 11/20/2019


  • Research for solution for emailing of forms where the attachment will not open. Bugfix in place for most forms but still an issue for forms with multiple tabs.
  • A-6 - IEP Team Evaluation Report including Eligibility Determination fix the spelling of Eligibility
  • I-3 IEP
    • bugfix to copy just the location drop-down information from tab V. Program Summary from previous year's forms
    • Updated Spanish translation for 2019-20 updates
  • I-4 Parent Consent for Placement - font size increase for copying readability
  • S-4S - Notice of Ending of Services Due to Age - update to fix bug with the printing of the Spanish version of the form
  • S-7 - Permission to Obtain and Release Information replaced missing text "which were considered and the reason(s) they were rejected including a description of any other relevant factors include:"


  • Export of Student Data - updated column header names to match fields on the Evaluation Details tab

Kompas Care Interface

  • Updates to ensure data confidentially between the two databases
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