ACP Site Status

You are able to enable and display the status of your ACP site at any time. A site that is enabled will be visible to the public. A site that is disabled will not be visible to the public.

Go to the Site Status article in the new CMS4Schools Help Center to learn about this information in the new CMS4Schools Users Interface.

Access ACP Site Settings


Within your CMS4Schools Admin, select  "Academic Planning Guide Site" in your left navigation or from your Navigation Builder dropdown.

Update Site Status


In the Academic Career Planning Guide Settings you are able to Enable and Disable your site status, by updating the Site Enable field. Select the desired status and select Update to update the status of your ACP site.

Note: If your site is disabled, visitors will see the message "The Academic Career Planning Guide Site is currently not activated. Please contact your administrator if this is in error." when attempting to view your ACP site.

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