CMS4Schools Academic & Career Planning Guide User Account Permissions

In order to access your Academic Career Planning Guide Settings to modify courses and/or content for your ACP site, users will need the following permissions in the user account.

Note: The CMS4Schools User Account Permissions article review all CMS4Schools permissions. This article reviews the permissions specific to the ACP site.

CMS4Schools Tab | General Section

Once in the Edit User screen, select the CMS4Schools tab to add/edit permissions. Only the General information screen will show unless additional CMS4Schools account types are assigned.


Under Account Type, select "Web Site Administrator" to add permissions for the user to update content on your website.

CMS4Schools Tab | Web Site Administrator Section


On the Web Site Administrator page, give the user access to "Settings".

CMS4Schools Tab | Navigation Builder Section


On the Navigation Builder page, give the user permissions to the Academic Planning Guide (ACP Site) page category.

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