ACP Site Content

Your ACP site will be pre-populated with content that you can customize as needed. 

Go to the CMS4Schools Academic & Career Planning Guide Site Content section in the new CMS4Schools Help Center to learn about this information in the new CMS4Schools Users Interface.

Academic Career Planning Guide Settings

In your Academic Career Planning Guide Settings page, you can edit pages, set pages as inactive, and reset the pages' content to the pre-populated data.


  1. Site Enable: Set your site to enabled and disabled.
  2. ACP Courses Library: Access the course library to add/edit delete, courses, departments, and programs.
  3. ACP Pages
    • Level: Displays the current level of the page
    • Links Name: Displays the Links name of the page
    • Content: Selecting "Edit" allows you to access the page content to make changes as needed. See the sections below for more information about each page.
    • Active: Pages with the checkbox selected are active and visible. To make changes select/unselect the checkbox and click "Update Pages" at the bottom of the screen to save the page status.
    • Preview: Select to open the page in a new tab
    • Last Modified: The date, time, and user that last modified the page.
    • Perms: Providers a user permissions report showing which users have access to edit the page.
  4. Reset Pages' Content to Default: Select this link to open a Set Content to Default page where you can select which pages you would like to reset the content to the provided pre-populated content.

Academic Career Planning Guide Homepage


The Academic Career Planning Guide Homepage is static and cannot be edited.

Academic & Career Planning


The What is ACP? and Which students will participate in ACP? content is in a Text/Graphic Editor tool that you can select to update the content and the image.

The "View Our ACP Model" button is in a Resource/News tool. Update the item to add a URL that goes to your ACP model. Note that if this is a PDF you will need to add it to File Uploads to generate a URL for the PDF. 



On the Pathways page, the introductory content is in a Text/Graphic Editor tool that you can select to update to make changes to the content as needed.

Pathway Pages

  • Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources
  • Arts, Communications, & Information Systems
  • Engineering, Manufacturing, & Technology
  • Health Science Technology
  • Human Services
  • Business, Management & Administration

Each pathway will have a page that contains labor market data as well as courses that are specific to the pathway. 


  1. The introductory content about the pathway is in a Text/Graphic Editor tool that you can select to update.
  2. Each primary pathway will have content that is built with the following tools
    1. Text/Graphic Editor: Tool Heading displays the Primary Pathway name
      Content that displays the description, jobs in demand, and associated image.
    2. Resource/News: Tool heading set to Next Ten Years by default.
      The Job Growth, New Job Openings, and Source content items can be updated as needed.
    3. Resource/News: Tool heading set to Annual Salary Range by default.
      The Entry-Level, Average, Experienced, and Source content items can be updated as needed.
  3. Pathway Specific Courses will populate based on the courses added to your ACP Courses Library. The ACP Courses tool listing courses specific to the page's pathway.

Foundation Knowledge and Skills

Under pathways, there is also a Foundation Knowledge and Skills page that shares the soft skills that employers are looking for to help students understand what they need to succeed in the workplace.


The content for Soft Skills, Communication, Critical Thinking, Leadership, Teamwork, and Time Management are in separate Text/Graphic Editor tools that you can select to update the content.

Course Offerings


The introductory content about the course offerings is in a Text/Graphic Editor tool that you can select to update.

The Course information is populated using the ACP Courses tool listing all courses.


Work & Community Based Learning


View the Work & Community Based Learning article to learn more about updating this page.

Student Plan


The introductory content about the student plan is in a Text/Graphic Editor tool that you can select to update.

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