Feature: Content Folders

Within each Feature, you can create content folders that you can display directly in your app menu. 

Create Folder


Within the feature, select "New Folder" to create a new folder. 


  1. Icon: Select an icon from the library or upload your own icon.
  2. Name: Enter the name for the folder.
  3. Use the Pin to Position option to order the form in the form list. If forms don't have pinned positions, they will display alphabetically.
  4. Select the checkbox to mark the folder as Unpublished
    Note: Unpublished folder will not appear in the app.

Click Ok to create the folder.

Folder Options


Hover over a folder to see the options to [1] move, [2] edit, or [3] delete the folder.

Select the folder to view the folder contents. Within each folder, you can [1] add additional folders and [2] manage the feature content in the folder.


Add Content Folder to App

When adding Features to an app, the feature content will be organized by folders. You can also add a content folder directly to the app menu.


To have a Content Folder display in the app menu, add the content folder as an item in the App Builder > Menu Builder.

  1. Function: Select Content Folder
  2. Content Folder: Select the Feature where the content folder is located
  3. Select the desired folder

Select Save to add the item to your app.

Content Folder Display


When a Feature is added, the content folder will display within the Feature.


When a content folder is added to the menu, the menu item will open directly to the folder's content.


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