Feature: Supply Lists

Your CMS4Schools App integrates with TeacherLists to help busy families to quickly find supply lists and check-off items as they get them. Submit your supply lists directly to or through and then contact support to have the lists connected to your app. 

Add Supply Lists to App


After your Supply Lists are set to sync to your app, add the Supply List feature as a menu item in the App Builder > Menu Builder.

Supply List Display


Open Supply Lists to view all available lists. Select the Cart to go directly to the "Buy this List!" screen.


Within the supply list, you can view the supply list items, the quantity needed for each item. Select "Buy this list!" to select a retailer to order your school supplies.


On the "Buy this List!" screen select Amazon, Walmart, or Target to add the supply lists to your cart.


After selecting a retailer, select "Open" on the "Leave App" screen to go to the retailer site.

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