Add Course

Within the ACP Courses Library, select "Add Course" to add a new course. Note that you can also select the "Upload File" option to import/update multiple courses.

Go to the Add Course article in the new CMS4Schools Help Center to learn about this information in the new CMS4Schools Users Interface.


* Indicates required fields

  1. *Course Number: Enter the course number
  2. *Course Name: Enter the course name
  3. Description: Enter a description for the course
  4. Course Type: Enter the course type
  5. Credit Type: Enter the credit type
  6. Employment Type: Enter the type of employment associated with the course
  7. *Department: Select the course's department
    Note: You can update your Departments as needed.
  8. *Primary Pathway: Select the course's primary pathway.
  9. *Program of Study: Select the course's program of study. The Program Code displays in the dropdown. You can select multiple programs. 
    Note: You can update the available Programs as needed.
  10. Accrediting College Credit Institution: If this course has an associated college credit, enter the College/University the course is associated with.
  11. Course Sequence Level: Enter the sequence level and/or prerequisites for the course.
  12. *Suggested Grade Level: Select the suggested grade levels for the course
  13. Required Course: Check the box to indicate that this is a required course
  14. College Credit: Check the box to indicate that this course provides college credit
  15. Certification Available: Check the box to indicate that there is a certificate available after completing the course.
  16. School Year: Select the year the course will be offered.
  17. Active: Check the box to indicate this is an active course. Active courses will display on your ACP site. 


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