Students Database

The Students Database is used to manage student information and create account information to allow students to log in to their Student Plan.

Go to the Student Plan article in the new CMS4Schools Help Center to learn about this information in the new CMS4Schools Users Interface.

Within the Students Database, there are the following options:

  • Search/Manage: Allows you to add/edit/delete users are well as searching for students using filters.
  • Import Students: Add/update information for multiple students.
  • Export Students: Export your current student information.
  • Grade Rollover: Update student information to display for the current/new school year.

Access Students Database


From your 4Schools account, select the Students Database in the Utility Navigation.



  1. +Add: Add a student to the Students Database.
  2. Use the First Name, Last Name, or Student Management System ID fields to filter for specific student information.
  3. Select a Grade from the dropdown to narrow the search to students in a specific grade level.
  4. Select a Group from the dropdown to narrow the search down to users belonging to a specific group.
  5. Select Only Active Students or Only Inactive Students to narrow the search to active or inactive students.
  6. Select an option in from the list to sort by "Last Name, First Name", "First Name, Last Name", "Grade, Last Name, First Name", or "Student Management System ID". The default sort order is "Last Name, First Name".
  7. Click the Search button to display the results. If no information is entered in the search fields (1-4), all users will be displayed.
  8. The students matching your search criteria will be displayed in a table below the search criteria. Last Name, First Name, SMS ID, WSLN, and Grade information for each student will display.
    • If the student is Active a checkbox will display in the Active column. If the student isn't active, there will be no checkbox and the student will be greyed out.
    • The edit pencil will allow you to edit the student's account.
    • The Delete link will delete the student and all the information associated with that student.

Add Student


*Indicates required field

  1. *Student Management System ID
  2. *First Name
  3. *Last Name
  4. Email: The email will also be the username the student uses to log into their student plan. 
  5. *Birthdate
  6. *Gender: Select Male or Female.
  7. School: Select the school that the student attends.
    Note: This list is populated from your Schools Database.
  8. *Grade: Select the student's grade level from the list.
  9. Classroom Teacher: Users in the Users Database who are marked as Faculty will appear in this list.
  10. PE Teacher: Users in the Users Database who are marked as Faculty will appear in this list.
  11. WSLN
  12. Is Active: Select to mark the student as active.
  13. Race: Select 1=Hispanic, 2=American Indian, 3=Asian, 4=Black, 5=Native Hawaiian, 6=White, or 7=2 or more races from the list.
  14. Special Ed: Select 1 (Yes) to note that the student is on a special education plan.
  15. Password and Confirm Password: Set and confirm the password for the student to log into their student plan.


Import Students


Use the Students Import Template or export current students to create an import file to add/update students in your Students Database.

*Indicates a required field

  • *Column A - Student Management System ID
  • *Column B  - First Name
  • *Column C  - Last Name
  • Column D - Email
  • Column E - Birthdate
  • *Column F - Gender: Enter M for Male or F for Femail
  • Column G - School: Possible Values include any school listed in your Schools Database.
    Note: if you leave this blank and the grade given below belongs to only 1 school, then that school will automatically get assigned appropriately.
  • *Column H - Grade: Possible Values: PK, K4, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12
  • Column I - Student Group(s): This field is a comma separated list of groups. If the Group doesn't exist when the import is done, then a new Group will be created.
  • *Column J - Classroom Teacher: Enter any "External Student Info System ID" from the Users Database.
  • *Column K - 2018-19 PE Teacher: Enter any "External Student Info System ID" from the Users Database.
  • Column L - WSLN #
  • Column M - Active: Enter a 1, Y, or Yes for yes. 
  • Column N - Race: Possible Values are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7.
    1=Hispanic, 2=American Indian, 3=Asian, 4=Black, 5=Native Hawaiian, 6=White, 7=2 or more races.
  • Column O - Special Ed: Enter a 1, Y, or Yes for yes.
  • Column P - Password: Password must be at least 6 characters.
  • *Column Q: - Filler: MUST contain an "x" for every row to be imported.

Export Students


Download student information from your Students Database. 

Grade Rollover


In preparation for a new school year, use the grade rollover option to update students grade level for the selected school year.

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