CMS4Schools January 2020 Change Log

Login Page

Update to the User Side Security Login page for users and members to:

  • Change to HTML 5
  • Add default language to the HTML document
  • Update the "Login" title to be the page title or h1 element on the page

Faculty List from Faculty Database Tool

  • Faculty to display has been updated to include the option to select individual staff as well as displaying groups of users. If individual staff are selected to display, they can be displayed in an alphabetical or preferred order. The preferred order allows you to organize the staff in the order you would like them to display. 
  • The "Include Search" option has been updated to display all staff when the page is initially loaded. The functionality of the search criteria has not changed.


A change was implemented to prevent users from receiving duplicate emails from facility requests.

Interactive Forms Tool

  • The form title was updated to display as a Heading 3.
  • Added in structure for accessibility for faculty websites.

Academic & Career Planning Module

  • For courses, the Course Sequence Level has been updated to no longer be a required field.
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