Calendar Admin: Locations

For each event with a location, driving directions to the location’s address will be included.

Access Locations


In the Calendar Admin, select Edit Locations to open Event Locations.

Event Locations


  1. Select Add Location to add a new location.
  2. Select Back to Calendars to go back to the Calendar Admin.
  3. Location: Displays the name of the location.
  4. Events: Displays the number of events at this location.
  5. Update: Select to update any of the location information.
  6. Delete: Select to delete the location. If a location is deleted, the events at this location will no longer have a location associated with the event.

Add Locations


Select the Add Location link to open the Add Calendar Location page.


Add the location name and address.

The event will now be displayed under Event Locations.

Update or Delete Event Locations


  1. Update: Takes you to the Update Calendar Location screen where you can edit the location name and address.
  2. Delete: Deletes the location. If events are attached to this location, you will be warned that deleting it will remove the location from the event, but will not delete the event itself.
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