Calendar Admin: Categories

Within the Calendar Admin, each event is required to be assigned to a category. When adding calendar tools to pages, you can select which categories will display on each page.

Access Calendar Categories


In the Calendar Admin, select Edit Categories to open the Calendar Categories page.

Calendar Categories


  1. Add Category: Select to add a new calendar category.
  2. Back to Calendars: Select to go back to the Calendar Admin.
  3. Category: Displays the name of the category. 
    Note: The category name will display on your website when using some of the calendar tool options.
  4. Can Subscribe: Displays Yes or No depending on the category properties
  5. Faculty Can Include? Displays Yes or No depending on the category properties
  6. Events: The number of events in the category.
  7. Update: Select to open the Update Calendar Category, where all options seen in Add Calendar Category screen can be updated.
  8. Delete: Select to delete the category. Deleting a category will also delete all the events in the category.
  9. Import: Select to import events into a category via a tab delimited .txt file. This screen contains the requirements and specifications for importing events.

Add Category

From the main Calendar Admin page, click Edit Categories to open the Calendar Categories screen.


Click Add Category and the Add Calendar Category screen opens.


  1. Category Name: Enter the name of the category. Example names include Middle School Fine Arts, High School Volleyball, or Elementary Concerts.
  2. Custom Font Color (optional): Choose a custom font color by entering the 6-character hexadecimal code. Click the View Hexadecimal Colors link to identify the hexadecimal code for the desired color.
  3. Can Subscribe? Checking this box allows Members Database users the option to subscribe and receive notifications of upcoming events within this category. The notification details are set up in the Weekly Email Settings.
  4. Faculty Can Include? Checking this box allows faculty members to display this category within their own faculty web calendar.
  5. Is An rSchool Today Events Category? Checking this box will allow you to sync events from a created rSchoolToday calendar with the category.
  6. Is A Google Calendar Category? Checking this box will allow you to sync events from a connected Google Calendar.

Select Submit to create the new category.

Watch the Calendar Admin Categories video

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