Calendar Admin: Facilities

Facilities can be attached to events similar to locations. Facilities are typically areas within your buildings. By utilizing this feature, facilities usage could be made available to the public by adding a Building Use Calendar to your website. When used in conjunction with a Request for Building Use tool, your website can be used as a facility management application.

Access Facilities


In the Calendar Admin, select Edit Facilities to open the Event Facilities page.

Event Facilities


  1. Add Category: Select to add a new calendar category.
  2. Back to Calendars: Select to go back to the Calendar Admin.
  3. Facility: Displays the facility name.
  4. Allow Double Booking: Displays Yes or No depending on the facility property.
  5. Events: Displays the number of events using the facility.
  6. Update: Select to Update Calendar Facility, allowing you to update the facility name and double booking status.
  7. Delete: Deletes the facility. If events are attached to this facility, you will be warned that deleting it will remove the facility from the event, but will not delete the event itself.

Add/Edit Facilities

From the main Calendar Admin page, click Edit Facilities to open the Event Facilities screen.


Select Add Facility to open the Add Calendar Facility page.


Enter the facility name and choose to allow or not allow double booking for this facility by selecting the corresponding radio button

Select Add to create the Facility.

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