Touch+: Creating Email & Text Notifications

As the situation around Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, you will likely need to use your communication tools to communicate effectively and efficiently to your families, students, and staff. Leverage your CMS4Schools Touch+ Mass Notifications to create voice, email, and text messages to notify your families, students, and staff via phone calls, emails, and texts.

See the Touch+ Mass Notification Lists for information about creating specific lists to use for your updates.

Create Message

After creating your notification lists and customizing the settings, you can start using your lists to send updates. Select "New Message" to create a new message. If you've already sent a message with this list, select "Edit Prior Message" to view the previous message (and settings) and be able to update it with new information.


  1. Choose the type of message to send. In this example, I have a list that I'm using to send Email & Text updates to All Staff.
  2. Add your 
    1. Use the Mail Merge Fields to customize the message.
    2. Use Alternative Message Types to have the email and text message send different information. You may want to do this to have the text send a shorter/condensed version of the email.
    3. Choose if you woud like to schedule the message to send in the future.
    4. Customize the Email Subject and Display Name. In this example, the subject is customized to include "COVID-19 Updates".

You can then choose to "Save and Close" if you are going to come back to the message later or "Send Message" to send or schedule the message.

View the Touch+ App Messaging and Touch+ Dashboard Messaging articles for more information about sending messages.

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