Pre-Made Template: Virtual Learning

At CMS4Schools, we have a growing library of templates available for you to copy using the Content Template Library, adjust to meet your content needs, and use to effectively communicate to your families. Use the "Virtual Learning" template to create a learning resource hub to serve as the hub of general information and the launching point for individual classrooms.

 Instruction Video


Navigate to Page


In your Navigation Builder, navigate to the Main Body or Right Side of the page where you would like to display the template information.

Copy Information


Within the Main Body or Right Side of the page, select the "From Template" option at the top of the page.



On the Copy From the Content Template Library page, select "CMS4Schools Pre-Made Templates" from the "Select a district to copy content from" drop-down. Click Continue.


In the "Select a CMS4Schools Pre-Made Templates page to copy content from" drop-down, select the "Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates" page. Click Continue.

Select Items to Copy


Use the "Select All" link to select all content or choose which content you would like to copy on your page. Select Copy to copy the content to your page. You will then see a message that "The content has been copied."

Customize Content

After copying the content to your page, navigate to the Main Body to customize the content for your organization.

Update the highlighted content to your organization's information, and link the images in the main body to the PDF content from the right side.

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