Touch App: Daily Messages

Daily Messages display at the bottom of the app home slideshow throughout the day and can be used to share information similar to an Emergency Alert at the top of your website.


Note that Daily Messages will not be sent out as push notifications or display as items within the newsfeed.

You can add and manage your Daily Messages by going to Features > Daily Messages.


  1. Select the "Edit" option to edit today's message.
  2. Select any date to add a new daily message.
  3. Select any daily message to edit the message and its properties.
  4. Export existing daily messages.
  5. Import new daily messages.
  6. Switch to list view.

Create a Daily Message


  1. Select the date the message should display.
  2. Select the message that will display. Note that if the message is long it will scroll across the screen.
  3. If the message should appear for more than the selected date, select the "Multiple Days" checkbox and indicate the duration of the message by entering the last day the daily message should appear in the "End Date" field.
  4. Use the recurrence dropdown, to create a message that recurs every day, every week, every month, every year, every weekday, and customized.

 Note: You can only display one daily message each day.

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