Video Library

The Video Library connects to Eduvision and allows you to upload videos to Eduvision through your website admin as well as displaying any Eduvision videos on your site using the Embed Audio/Video Tool.

Open the Video Library


Select on the Video Library link on the Main Website Administration toolbar along the left side. The Video Library will display.

Video Library Channels

Within the Video Library, videos are organized by channels and sub-channels. Videos can only be uploaded to sub-channels.

Add New Channel


Select the "Add New Channel" link to add a new channel and associated sub-channels.


  1. Channel Name: Enter the desired name.
  2. Sub-Channels: Enter the desired sub-channel name(s). Create multiple sub-channels by separating the names with a comma.

Select Create Channel to create the Channel and Sub-Channels.

Edit Channel and Sub-Channel


To edit a channel or sub-channel select the edit option next to the channel/sub-channel.


  1. *Channel Name: Edit the name of the channel/sub-channel
  2. New Sub-Channels: If you are editing a channel, you will be able to add new sub-channels. If you are editing a sub-channel, this option will not be available.
  3. Active: Each channel/sub-channel can be active or inactive. You will only be able to add videos to and display videos for active channels/sub-channels.

Upload Video


Select the Upload Video link next to the sub-channel.


  1. *Video Title: Enter the title of the video.
  2. *Video Description: Enter a short description of the video.
  3. *File: Upload your video file in one of the following formats: .flv, .mp4, .f4v, .wmv, .avi, .vob, .mov, .mpg, .m4a, .m4v,  or .mts.

Select Upload Video to upload and process the video.

Please note: Uploaded video requires additional time, to be processed and available for use after the upload is completed.

Please note: After the video is uploaded and processed, you can use the Embed Audio/Video Tool to display the video on any page on your site.

View Videos


Select the sub-channel name to view the videos in the sub-channel. 


Select any the name of any video to open an overlay where you can view the video. Select close to go back to the Video Library.


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