Facility Use Tool Upgrade

I would like to see a tool built, or added onto the existing Building Use Request Form tool that allows us to see a report of approved/rejected forms.  As it is, when a request is approved, if there is a question regarding that approval, there is no way to go back and see the original request unless the email has been saved.  It would be VERY helpful if we could see all of the approvals, who approved/rejected them.  It would also be helpful to be able to allow the approver to be taken into the approve/reject area by clicking on the notification email rather than having to go through the system circuitously.  

Further, we would like to easily forward a copy of the request to whomever the approver needs to in order to process the confirmation before approving or rejecting.  Sometimes our approver has to check with the business office, confirm with the AD, AND okay it with the building and grounds director and unless she has the original email, she has to re enter the information by hand.

Also, when someone submits a request with the wrong calendar category entered, the approver cannot change that calendar to the correct category without going through calendar admin.  It would be nice to a.) limit where requests go so that they all are put into the "building request" category by default, and b.) allow the approver to change it to the appropriate category so that they can appear in appropriate calendars without re-entering them.


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