Allow Multiple Categories for Calendar Event

I was just talking to one of my administrative assistants and we think it would be really nice to be able to add an event to our calendar and be able to choose more than one category for it to be under.

For example, we have a category for each school but also have categories that combine multiple schools:

* Elementary Campus (4K-2)
* Waubesa (3-5)
* IMMS (6-8)
* HS (9-12)
* 4K-5
* 4K-8
* 6-12
* District

We have a 4K-8 PTO so when the PTO Meeting is entered into the calendar they put it in the 4K-8 category. But then if a parent goes to the main calendar and just selects their school category, they don't see the PTO because it is on the other calendar. It would be nice if the PTO meeting could be put under all applicable categories and then whenever one of those calendars is included, it would appear - but only appear once.

I do set-up the school calendars to include multiple categories but if a parent manually selects a category at the top they will miss some events.

Does that make sense? We think that would be very helpful


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