Printing Update Option

I have another idea to make SEEDS more user friendly.  Right now when I go to print out multiple forms for the same student (like a cover page, consent to bill Medicaid and communication form), if they are not all even pages, it will print the beginning of one form on the back of another form.  (e.g.  Cover page is 2 pages, so it's front and back.  Consent to bill Medicaid is one page, so it prints on the front, but then it starts printing the Communication form on the Consent to bill Medicaid form.  Since we will actually be giving the Communication form to the parent, it needs to be on it's own page.  Could there be an option for the forms to print individually, but not one form on the back of the other when they are printing both sides of the paper, without us having to select one form, go to print, come back to the page to choose another form, then choose to print that one, then come back to select the third form, and choose to print that?  

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