Program Summary page design

I would like for there to be more space in the Program Summary page to describe services. I think it would be great if the description box can span the width of the page, similar to how it is for other sections, like the PLAAFP. I think it would be fine for the other sections to stay the same size as current (amount, frequency, etc.).

See example below-describing consultative services in Program Modifications (the text below would fit and be formatted MUCH better if the text box was a regular size that spans the page width)


Consult with PT

-PT will work with staff to monitor the exercise program that student performs at the community workout facility for 20 min/quarter.
-PT will monitor lower extremity range of motion for 15 min/semester.
-PT will evaluate functional ability and setup at work sites for optimal posture and positioning for 15 minutes/quarter.
-PT will consult 15 minutes/quarter with school staff and outside medical providers, and/or community partners regarding student's gross motor needs.


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