Self Assessment Compliance with IEP-3 and IEP-4 on standards

Would the group be willing to consider creating a 'chart or box' to list both the positive behavior strategies and the assistive device sections under Special Factors so that staff can easily copy these to the required Supplementary Aids and Services section in Section V? Our major self-assessment errors were related to staff not getting all of these fully listed in Section V.  I expect this is true for others. Creating a similar 'chart or box' that would copy each of those items into a separate Supplementary Aids and Services box would make compliance with this requirement more certain.
Also could you check to see there is an easier option could be added to delete the prior accommodations in Section V. when we copy our IEPs to the new annual event.? As it is now they have be deleted one by one. Maybe a as an option?  Or consider doing what you currently do with Section III (assessment) and in Section II for Summary of Disability Related Needs.  While some of the prior accommodations would carry over, having them automatically ALL copy over makes it too easy not to reconsider these.  Also it complicates copy what the most recent time decides in earlier section often  duplicating accommodations.  


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